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tv   First Look  MSNBC  September 14, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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good night from our nbc headquarters in new york. . a deal to save daca. president trump and democratic lead, appear to reach an agreement extending pokes for so-called d.r.e.a.m.ers. >> eight rehab residents died in the aftermath of florida. officials say they had no air-conditioning in the florida keys national security adviser michael flynn become the subject of federal investigation into the meddling in the 2016 electio election. >> good morning, everyone, it's thursday, september 14th.
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late last night a major break through in an immigration policy that has the potential to split the president's key base of support. democratic minority leaders chuck schumer and nancy pelosi say they have struck a deal with president trump to protect undocumented immigrants brought here as children. it was over a dinner of chinese food at the white house late last night. they told the president they can deliver the votes to pair the existing d.r.e.a.m. act bill with border security but funding that does not include the mexican border wall. in a statement, schumer and pelosi said we agree to enshrine the protections of daca into law quickly and work auto a border security excluding the wall acceptable to both sides. mike short told the wall street the democrat statement was quote misleading in a lot of ways. white house press secretary
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sarah sanders said while daca and the border security were discussed the wall was not. the president made clear he would continue pushing the wall, just not as a part of this agreement. >> still the latest polling shows a majority of voters want congress to pass legislation that allows undocumented immigrants brought to the u.s. as children to become citizens if they meet certain requirements. 45% say it was the wrong thing to do. and here's paul ryan just yesterday. take a listen. >> i do believe that kicking these 800,000 kids out to countries that they've probably not been to since they were taut toddlers in countries that speak
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languages they may not even know is is not in our nation's interest. so i do believe there has got to be a solution to this problem. >> he said the country still needs to shore up the nation's border. according to hill democrat, he made the same request during a meeting with them yesterday and suggested the mccaul-thompson border package which previously cleared its committee. joining us from axios, lan lana trane. is there headlines from breitbart or does daca cross political lines here? >> i think it gives trump's base because. breitbart their headline was trump's caving on this. others say it is putting his face in jepp period. so it's going to cause a lot of problems, if true.
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>> let me ask you quickly about gary cohn the chief economic adviser we know was in the meeting and also pushing tax reform. do you think there is a chance that could turn into bipartisan tax reform or are we drawing the lean on daca and immigration? >> i think that it's, at this point it's really unclear. i think sarah sanders said yesterday in her briefing that trump's willing to agree on anything with anyone willing to work with him. i think he would potentially talk to democrats about tax reform. you see what he did with the debt ceiling last week. i wouldn't put that past him. >> talk about the democrats coming out saying, look, border wall funding is not involved in this deal. the white house saying that's not necessarily what was communicated. what is the confusion there? >> what we are hearing is what was said that trump agreed to this potential daca legislation
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as well as some border protection, but potentially didn't say anything about the border wall that he could attach at a later time t. white house is coming back saying that's not true. he never made any promises like that. you have confusion, democrats saying one thing and wanting one thing and the republican base wanting another. >> thank you very much today, president trump will travel to florida to survey the damage left behind by hurricane irma. they are set to stop at ft. meyers and naples. across florida 3.5 million people are without power. from the keys to the caribbean, i it's becoming a dire situation. it's been a week since it hit the islands. officials call the draj catastrophic. many residents have been surviving on military rations passed out be i the national guard t. basics is hard to come
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by. at least 67 deaths are being blamed on irma. now in south florida, police have launched a criminal investigation after eight elderly persons at a nursing home in hollywood, florida were found dead. the victims range in age from 71 to 99. they were left in stifling conditions. more than 100 people were evacuated yesterday. and a second facility was evacuated. it had about 84 patients. florida senator bill nelson called it a profound tragedy. >> people are just absolutely shocked that someone in a staff would fougnot know enough that frail elderly person is dying of heat exhaustion and would at least know to dial 11. this is what is inexcusable. >> for their part the facility
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said they planned heavily for the storm and while they didn't lose power, the power for the generator blew out. they had a standby generator and when the system went down they used cooling units and fans. >> tragic situation there. morgan radford is standing by, what kind of damage should the president expect to see there today? >> reporter: lots of damage, not only to small homeowners, but also small business owners. so the president is expected to arrive here at ft. meyers actually 40 minutes away at 11:00 a.m. t. governor and rick scott is expected to greet them t. white house has not released a detailed schedule of exactly what and when he will tour. we the know he will look at those areas most devastated by hurricane irma. as you mentioned, 3 million people are without power. about 100 shelters have been set up throughout the state.
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it wasn't only as we mentioned some of those people lost their homes their homes are flooded. we saw waves crashing into the first floor windows of apartment complexes. those small business owners are now struggling to welcome commerce back and remind them they are still in the recovery process. they welcome their business as soon as they get up and running. i want to introduce you to jeff burns. he started his company only two-and-a-half years ago. two days ago he woke up to a foot-and-a-half water. >> nobody alive in jacksonville has seen anything like hurricane irma. there has never been anything i think since the 1,800s that was this devastating to this area. >> reporter: how does the after math affect small being owners? >> it affects you first of all the cash flow, secondly the strain and stress and third the recovery mote e mode. you kind of go through, my some was saying earlier, you go through the levels of grief
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until you if et to the point where you say, okay, i'm resolved we have to do what we have to do to get back into business. >> reporter: and it's stories of resilience like jeff burns, the president is going to be hearing today. one reason he can't fly into naples here is because that airport was nearly destroyed by hurricane irma. those winds maxed out at about 1 free miles per hour. it ripped off the hangar, it left that terminal largely impassable, a lot of planes have been unable to land. we expect to see him later on today around 11:00 a.m. >> we will certainly be watching for the president's visit later today, thank you. >> all right. well, there are new developments in the special counsel's probe into russia and the campaign. national security reporter ken delaney has the very latest. >> reporter: abc news is reporting that mike flynn, the son, is a subject of the robert mueller investigation. what that means is prosecutors
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of the grand jury suspect he may have committed a crime. they need to investigate. it's somebody whose conduct is of interest to the going. it's somebody more than a witness, less than a target. a target is somebody about to be indicted. what we believe robert mueller is interested in is the extent that mike flynn the son, knows about and is whereabout his activities of his father in the month in transition, for example, lobbying on behalf of turkish interests, which he didn't declare at the time as a foreign lobbying and later did under pressure from the justice department. taking a step back, having mike flynn, the son, under investigation, potential lip facing legal jeopardy puts more pressure on mike flynn, the father, to talk about what he knows in terms of trump-russia collusion, if anything. >> all right. now, the special counsel for
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president trump ty cobb says this does not impact the white house' cooperation with the mueller investigation. the attorney for flynn and his son declined to comment. the young son tweeted and said the fake news media is done covering those pesky currency u hurricanes and back to russia, a nothing burger. anonymous former staffers of the security counsel told the "wall street journal" that flynn was promoting a private sector nuclear power in the middle east that had once involved russian companies. one student is dead, three more are injured after a shooting in a high school in washington state t. stude the shooter is in custody. the student lost his life, but possibly saving others in the process. nbc news' joe friar has more. >> reporter: the school day was just getting started when the
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sound of gunshots filled the sky near freedom high in spokane. >> i heard somebody pop something. >> the thing going through my head is run, just go. >> reporter: students took cover as news spread across rockford washington. the sheriff says an armed student showed up at school, his first weapon jammed. >> he went to his next weapon, a student walked up to him, engaged him and that student was shot. >> reporter: authorities say four students were shot. this girl says her cousin was hit in the side. >> we don't know if it's lodged in her spine or colon, we don't know yet. >> reporter: one student died. three more were wounded. >> they are stable at this point. one may be requiring surgery later this afternoon. >> reporter: before the gunman was arrested the sheriff says he was stopped by a courage jis staff member a. friend tells reporters he had been watching
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documentaries about school shootings. it was ap emotional day that played out real time on live television. >> even if your kid is okay, you still know they went through something, you still know their friends might not be okay. >> reporter: before long, students and parents were reunited after gunfire tore through another american school. >> it's a scary story there, nbc news' joe friar reporting. parents that picked up their kids is an on duty officer who responded to the scene. he writes on twitter, quote, the worst day in my law enforcement career, to respond to your own kids school for prayers. >> a heart breaking story there. still ahead, hillary clinton weighs in on the role former president obama weighs in on the 2016 election loss. we will hear that brand-new sound. >> why press secretary sanders is calling for a firing.
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charlie dinner with democrats, president trump tweeted about hillary clinton as she continues her book tour. >> he tweeted crooked hillary clinton blames everybody and everything to but herself for her election loss. she lost direction t. deplorables came back to haunt hillary. they expressed their feelings loud and clear. in the end she had no game. in a interview, she was asked about an obama aid, i feel like we sort of choked on the decision to not speak more effectively about the russian interference. >> did president obama proceed it? >> well, i think that i'm very understanding of the position he
2:18 am
found himself in because i have been in that situation room. i know how hard these calls can be. and i believe that they struggled with this, and they were facing some pretty difficult him headwinds. . >> white house press secretary sarah huckaby sanders says espn should fire jameill hill after
2:19 am
he called him a white supremacist who has largely surrounded himself with other white supremacists, adding quote trump is the most ignorant offensive president of my lifetime. his rise is the direct result of white supremacy period. he distanced the network and saying they addressed it with hill. she is standing by her comments, has since apologized that her remarks painted espn in an unfair light. espn accepted her apology. >> bill karins, the story this morning the unrelenting heat in florida, affecting everyone without power and those affected by irma? yeah, it's cruel. the people without power going on day four without air-conditioning and trying to live in those conditions, the heat index in the early afternoons is getting up near 100 degrees. florida doesn't cool off until october. it will remain hot. even into friday, no changes
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whatsoever. tampa, other areas around 99. so you get the picture there. as far as other weather concerns, we are watching a lot of rain and cloud left over from irma, western new york is getting soaked pretty good right now. bring your umbrella, all the way through new england. i hate missed scattered showers and storms. that's all from the tropical moisture of what's left from irma. so now let's get into jose. this is a pesky little storm, still remaining a hurricane. it's moving slowly to the west t. forecast overnight has shifted a little closer to the coast again, still off shore, this is the hurricane center just out. it does have it gentleman from a tropical storm back up to a hurricane, they have winds of 75 miles per hour. this cone of uncertainty is what you watch this far out. just off the carolina coast. incidentally, they go, what happens after that? this colors our spaghetti line.
2:21 am
you notice that some of them are tightly grouped here. this is kind of where the hurricane center has their condition, the canadian model curves it back towards new england. it will be areas of call through tuesday of next week him we will continue to watch that. here's our american computer modem. the red line is the computer hurricane center. all the gold lines are the permutations. the bottom line we have to continue to watch. it's not as good as the european or the americans. >> still ahead, will they ever lose? they tried making 21 in a row, a rookie makes a bit of his own history. sports is next. (baby crying) ♪ fly ♪ me to the moon (elegant music)
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hi guys! aw yeah! see how access to j.p. morgan investment expertise can help you. chase. make more of what's yours. . >> swings of the first pitch and the line drive to left 2350e8d. caught my monty. it's over. 21 in a row t. cleveland indian versus set a new record for the longest win streak in american league history. >> wow! welcome back. time now for sports and a record afternoon to the cleveland indians who rode a three-run homer hit by jay bruce in the first inning for a 5-3 victory over the tigers, cleveland will look past the 1935 cubbies
2:25 am
21-game win streak when they host the royals tonight. and in minnesota the padres and the twins tied in the bottom of the tenth inning, minnesota with a runner on 1st. take a look at this. >> announcer: a drive to right. it is -- gone! >> blasted. that was like it was in the parking lot. eddie rosario sandy two-run out into left field. extras to keep pace with the angels and maintain a two-game lead for the second wild card spot there. a nice celebration. in philadelphia, rookie first baseman launched his 17th, that's right, 17th home run in the phillies' 8-1 win against the marlins. hos kins is the fastest player in major league history to reach that mark. and if an unusual move yesterday the international
2:26 am
olympic committee formally named the two summer olympic, naming los angeles set to host in 2028. it's the third time for l.a. and tokyo, of course, will have the honor in 2020. guys. >> a lot of exciting sports highlights. what a time to be alive if you are a cleveland indians fan between last season and this season. so you got to be excited about their chances going into the fall. >> we'll see if they can do it still ahead, we go back to florida where president trump is expected to get a look at some of the damage left by hurricane irma today. >> democrats make another deal with president trump. we'll be right back, everybody. new charmin ultra soft! it's softer than ever. new charmin ultra soft is twice as absorbent so you can use less. and it's softer than ever... so it's harder to resist.
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welcome back. it is the bottom of the hour. we'll start with the morning's top stories. >> today president trump will travel to florida to survey the damage left behind by hurricane irma. he and the first lady will stop in ft. meyers and naples. from the keys to the caribbean, it's becoming an increasingly dire situation in the aftermath of the storm. at least 67 deaths are now being blamed on irma. now in south florida, police have launched a criminal investigation after eight elderly patients at a fursing home in hollywood were found dead t. victims range in age from 71 to fine-years-old. officials say the facility was left without air-conditioning in the stifling heat following the hurricane. more than 100 people were
2:31 am
evacuated yesterday. for their part the facility said they planned heavily for this storm. while they didn't lose power, the transformer blew out. they had a standby generator and say when the ac went down they used cooling units and fans. joining us from naples, florida, morgan radford. glad to have you back with us. what kind of damage is the president going to see when he gets to florida later today? >> reporter: lots of damage here on the ground in naples, not only at the airport but also at homes. the president and first lady are expected to arrive around 11:00 a.m. governor rick scott and his wife expected to greet them. although the white house has not released an official schedule of what the president will be seeing today. we do know, however, he will be looking at the most heavily devastated areas hit hard by hurricane irma. this as 3 million people across florida without power. they are housing about 10,000
2:32 am
people. there are some we spoke to yesterday that lost almost everything they had. the first floor of their homes completely destroyed. fema workers were trying to educate people about how they can apply for assistance, how they can register for relief. we introduced ourselves to one of those young men, harley. he told us exactly what happened to him when he woke up and saw the damage the hurricane had caused. take a listen. >> my house is completely destroyed. i live in a quadraplex. both bottom floors are completely destroyed. the second time i went in there on monday to gather anything i could salvage and see if anybody else needed help, there was three feet of water in my place up to my waist. it was destroyed. >> homeowners like harley as well as small business owners are now hoping they can get assistance from fema. these are the types of stories and people president trump will be seeing today as he sees the devastation and the destruction.
2:33 am
back to you. >> all right. morgan radford live for us in florida. thank you last night after meeting with president trump, hill democrats announced a tentative deal resolving the sat us the of dreamers. the children of undocumented children represented by daca. through thick and thin they expressed their outrage. republican congressman of iowa tweeted if the story is correct, trump base is blown up, destroyed, irrepairable. no promise is credible. the front page of breitbart news declares, white house bushing back softly. laura ingraham tweeted this, the art of the steal, let's hope that pelosi and schumer misrepresented the daca deal. breitbart posted amnestyton was the number one twitter in d.c.
2:34 am
despite the backlash for the moment the president seems to be savoring his role as a bipartisan. y you. >> what would you tell democrats tonight. >> well, i'm a conservative and i will tell you, i'm not skeptical and i think that if we can do things in a bipartisan matter, that will be great. it might not work out, if which case we'll do without. i think we can do a bipartisan matter f. you look at the greatest legislation ever passed, it will be a pi partisan manner. there the president's negotiate on behalf of the american people exactly what he was elected to do and the idea that you guys keep trying to distort this into a bad thing is i think exactly why this president was elected. they were sick and tired of business as usual. they wanted somebody who would
2:35 am
break up the status quo that would bring people from both sides of the table to have conversations. this president's done more for bipartisanship in the last eight days than obama did in eight years. >> joining us now once more reporter for axios, elan trane. daca has been somewhat fluid to say the least to send the attorney general to announce the end to his tweets saying there is nothing to be concerned about. what's at stake in this latest gambit from him with this news last night coming out from the democrats that a deal had been struck? >> reporter: well, what's at stake i think is that he's putting his base in jeopardy, which has a lot of people upset. you see the core base, breitbart's headline that he's caving. a lot of his base is concerned about what is happening. i think also he is fluid. he's a deal maker. he sees democrats as a way to
2:36 am
get things done. he thinks republicans in congress aren't pulling their weight. so he will talk to both sides of the aisle. >> take us inside this meeting, there's chinese food, talk of policy with china, we have talk of daca. with two people -- >> all ranging. >> -- all ranging from a to z with two people the president necessarily publicly hasn't gone along with in his first eight months of his presidency. >> reporter: well the chinese food is a great aside. apparently it was intentional since trump and schumer are closest on chinese trade. i think inside the meaning, trump like i said before is trying to make a deal and see any avenue to get as much support as he can. there is talk of tax reform. there is talk of daca, of course. i think he's not necessarily looking to leave his base and leave all of the republican promises he's made, he's trying to find some sort of opening.
2:37 am
>> live for us in walk. we have your insights for us this morning. >> the battle over health care is heating up again on capitol hill with lawmakers on both sides of the aisle unveiling two different competing plans. senator bernie sanders released his medicare for all singer payor yesterday. it has the support of 17 democrats, many thought to be early contenders for the party's nomination in 2020 and many of these standing behind sanders for yesterday's announcement. now, on the republican side is another bill to repeal and replace obamacare. this one proposed by senator's lindsey graham and bill cassidy, which would turn the obamacare tax credits into block grants for states. based on what we saw yesterday, both sides are gearing up for a fight. >> if you believe repealing and replacing obamacare sa good idea, this is your best and only chance to make it happen. because everything else has failed, except this approach, which will worm if we get behind
2:38 am
it. if you want a single payer health care system, this is your worst nightmare. bernie, this ends your dream of a single payer health care system for america. >> to my republican colleagues, please don't leg cure us on health care. in the last few months, you, the republican party, have shown the american people what you stand for when you voted for legislation that would throw up to 32 million americans off of the health insurance they havened at the same time give huge tax breaks to the rich and large corporations. you, the republican party, have no credibility on the issue of health care. >> all right. former national security adviser
2:39 am
susan rice has reportedly revealed to lawmakers why she asked to have identity tis of senior officials unmasked. according to cnn, rice, the former nsa head under president obama told the house intel committee last week she unmasked the identities to understand why the crown prince of the united emirates was in new york city this past december during the president trance mish. they failed to notify the visit by the prince, who met with several top officials including michael flynn, steve bannon and jared kushner. a separate effort to facilitate a back channel communication between russia and the incoming trump white house. rice's decision to unmask the officials sparked controversy earlier this year. the names are not to be released to protect their privacy. she says she did not do it for
2:40 am
political controversy. the white house is doubling down on its claim former fbi director james comey shared information from his memos on his conversation with president trump. on tuesday, white house press secretary sarah huckaby sanders suggested the justice department should consider prosecuting comey over what she called his improper actions during his time as director. during yesterday's press conference, sanders laid out the case for prosecuting comey. >> the memos comey leaked were created on an fbi computer while he was director. he claims they were private property. they followed the protocol of an fbi document leaking fbi memos on a sensitive case violates federal laws, including the privacy act, standard fbi employment agreement and dawn disclosure agreement all personnel must sign. i think that's pretty clean and clear that that would be a
2:41 am
investigation. >> now sanders added it would ultimately be up to the justice department to decide whether or not any actions taken by comey were illegal. >> still ahead, president trump and the senate's only african-american republican tim scott come together following the criticism of the president's response to the charlottesville protest. >> bill karins will have a check and the latest on where hurricane jose is heading when we return. stay with us. ♪ if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis,... ...isn't it time to let the real you shine through?
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welcome back, everyone. the senate's only african-american republican tim scott of south carolina sat down with the president for 40 minutes yesterday to discuss race and other issues. the senator says the administration invited him to the white house after he claimed the president's moral authority was compromised in the wake of charlottesville. senator scott described the meeting as productive and said the president seemed to understand that there is no comparing hate groups to those protesting them.
2:45 am
now the senator says he advised the president on the need to quote diversify the echo chamber and on ways to bring money and opportunity to distressed areas both if inner cities and rural america. while the nor says the president was attentive, the white house communications team could have paid a little more attention to detail, sending out this photo of the two men with a caption that mistakenly named senator tim scott as senator tom scott. the error has been corrected on the white house website. now to a story that hasn't been getting enough attention.
2:46 am
crews out west in montana trying to get control of yet another wildfire in northwestern part of the state. they're facing a setback after the blaze fwru even more. officials say the fire scorched another 16,000 acres yesterday, adding it is only 38% contained. so far it has burned more than 150,000 acres there now, let's get a check on the weather with meteorologist bill karins, the story is heat in florida and where hurricane jose is going to land. >> yeah, we don't want to deal with jose. we know we will get the large waves the rip currents on the beaches over the weekend making it dangerous. it will not be a huge major hurricane anyways. it's sitting there north of the republic of haiti and the bahamas. it's not headed to florida. it's not going to head to georgia, south carolina. the outer banks will be a close call if you get brushed with the outside of the storm. >> that cone goes almost to the
2:47 am
outer banks and berm, pretty wide monday into tuesday. i was kind of playing around here. we like to compare the two here between the european and usa model. i paused it here at tuesday. they are closer to the coast, the hurricane center said they want to wait and see if this trend continues. last night it came closer to new england. this position would bring the outer bands closer to new england on tuesday. at this point it would be a category 1 or a subtropical storm, trying to do a transition. all that means it will be transitioning more like a nor'easterly type of storm. we don't need to deal with the rains on wednesday. the american model pulled it out t. european model tucks it close to maine and nova scotia. we'll watch it. if you have an interest in coastal and southern new england, you ought to keep an eye on that, there are those squiggly lines again. maybe i'd mention also, the heat
2:48 am
in florida, 95 to 100 this afternoon. you bought the to feel for people stuck in their houses without ac and all those utility crews working in that heat. too. >> thanks for that, bill. still ahead, apple faces scrutiny from law makers over the key features of a new iphone. >> social media posts involving hillary clinton. the details on those stories and others on your business day coming up. it's not just a donation.
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2:51 am
. when the president will tweet, if you have an alert on your phone, yes. >> did he ever run a tweet by you before tweeting it? >> i don't believe -- maybe once or twice. >> did it ever like wake you up in the middle of the night or anything like that? >> i think there were times when you might have wanted to go to bed and okay it were a longer night or you'd get up the first thing, but that was you know one of the president's most effective tools on the cane trail. he continues to utilize i it. >> did you try to accidentally drop his phone in the toilet? >> i did not. no. >> see you could have called me, i could have helped with you this job. >> that was former white house secretary sean spicer discussing the president's twitter habits on jimmy kimmel last fight. >> you have as to wonder if he woke up, here we go. treasury secretary steve mnuchin is facing questions over a
2:52 am
report that he request a government plane tike i take him on his honeymoon a. request was submitted in writing for a $25,000 per hour air force jet to take the treasury signature and his wife on their honeymoon to france, italy and scotland this past summer. an official said they started an official inquiry into the matter t. spokesman tells nbc news the honeymoon travel request was made no uphold security standards stating it is imperative for the secretary quote to have access to secure communication and it is our practice to consider a wide range of options to ensure he has the capabilities during his travel. this is not the first time mnuchin has been questioned over travel. the inspector general is looking at trip he and his wife used last month to louisville and ft. knox, kentucky, the question, whether it was arranged to take in the solar eclipse at the time. >> let's turn to business in a
2:53 am
rare move president trump blocked chip makers and special agencies have been ordered to stop using software by a russian-linked security firm. carolyn, what do you got for us? >> reporter: yeah, that was a pretty unusual move. but the trump administration effectively barring that takeover bid by canyon bridge capital. this is a private equity firm of u.s. semi conductor business. this was going to be a $1.3 billion move. but it has been makally it has been rebuffed after it was revealed this private equity firm was partially funded by beijing and had links to the chinese space program. walk said it will oppose deals that involve technologies with military application itself and staying with national security as you also said the trump administration has told u.s. government agencies to remove any caspar skas casparski becau
2:54 am
or could not come under the influence of the kremlin. i also want to talk about apple after the unveiling of the iphone x. senator al franken sent a letter to apple asking for information for biometric data. he is concerned that customer data that is checked through facial recognition, which is used to obviously unlock the iphone could be shared with third parties. >> carolyn, martin shkreli has his bail revoked. what can you tell us? >> reporter: shkreli had been on a $5 million bail that bond was now revoked after
2:55 am
get this shkreli last week on facebook offered a $5,000 bounty for a clunk of hillary clinton's hair. yes, that's absolutely right. he's now apologized and removed that post from facebook. back over to you interest all right. carolyn ross live from london, thanks so much. >> i feel like they will make shaw shank redemption after he goes to the klink. much more on president's daca deal with senator chuck schumer and nancy pelosi in the latest instance across the aisle to strike a deal with democrats eddie hoyer will weigh in and we get t bill cassidy and congressman dave trot all of them just moments away, everyone. zplmpl
2:56 am
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2:59 am
ft. meyers and naples and will likely meet with first responders. meanwhile the russia probe is expanding today. nbc news has learned the son of ousted national security adviser michael flynn is now a subject of the probe, according to multiple current and deposit officials. those sources say the inquiry into michael g. flynn is focused in part for his father's lobbying firm. attorneys for michael flynn and his son decline to comment t. younger michael flynn called all of this fake news, ty cobb special count sell says this does not impact the white house with any extent with regard to the continuing operation of the special counsel meanwhile, secretary of state rex tillerson is set to wrap up his meeting in the uk. the two are expected the discuss a number of matters, including the ongoing standoff with north
3:00 am
korea. >> that does it for us this morning. "morning joe" starts right now. what would you tell democrats why have leader pelosi and senator schumer tonight -- >> well, a ima conservative. i will tell you, i'm not skeptical and i think that if we can do things in a bipartisan matter, that will be great. now it might not work out. in which case we'll do without. i think if we can do in a bipartisan matter. if you look at some of the greatest legislation passed it was done on a bipartisan matter. so that's what we're going to do. right, tom? ♪


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